Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 3

Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 3
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 3

Annual IPNI Program Report is Now Available

IPNI Board of Directors Elects New Officers

Precision Agriculture: Supporting Global Food Security
Steve Phillips

Fine Tuning Remote Sensing Technologies for Nitrogen Application in Semi-Arid Cereal Crops
Tom Jensen

Improving Potassium Acquisition and Utilization by Crop Plants
Philip J. White

Optimizing Maize and Soybean Nutrition in Southern Russia
Vladimir V. Nosov, Olga A. Biryukova, Alexy V. Kuprov, and Dmitry V. Bozhkov

Crop Straw Can Optimize Potassium Fertilization Strategies in Rice Cropping Systems
Ji-fu Li, Jian-wei Lu, Tao Ren, Ri-huan Cong, Xiao-kun Li, and Li Zhou

Development of an Australian Soil Test Calibration Database
Simon Speirs, Mark Conyers, Doug Reuter, Ken Peverill, Chris Dyson, Graeme Watmuff, and Rob Norton

Proper Timing and Placement of Boron and Lime Impacts Legumes on Acid Upland Soils
Surendra Singh and Ravindra Naryan Singh

14th International Symposium on Soil and Plant Analysis

Adapting Management of Nitrogen Sources and Weeds in Flax Systems of Central Iowa
Stefan R. Gailans and Mary H. Wiedenhoeft

Managing Degraded Soils with Balanced Fertilization in Zimbabwe
Leonard Rusinamhodzi, Marc Corbeels, Shamie Zingore, Justice Nyamangara, and Ken E. Giller

Step Up As A Source Of Information
Robert Mikkelsen