Vol. LXXVI (76), No. 4 Fall 1992

Vol. LXXVI (76), No. 4 Fall 1992
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXVI (76), No. 4 Fall 1992

Our Cover: A close-up view of healthy grain sorghum. This issue features the role of phosphorus in reducing and overcoming stress in crop production.
Photo by Dr. Larry Murphy.

R.L. Latiolais Elected Chairman, 3 C. Steve Hoffman Vice Chairman of PPI and FAR Boards of Directors

Canola Needs Phosphorus (Kentucky)
Lloyd Murdock, Jim Herbek, and Tim Gray

Phosphorus Fertilization Relieve Stresses in Irrigated Corn Production (Kansas)
Alan Schlegel

Management of Acid, High Aluminu Soils for Wheat (Kansas)
R.E. Lamond and D.A. Whitney

Phosphorus Stress on Rice Decreases Yields (Texas)
Fred Turner and James Engbrock

Journal of Production Agriculture Announces New Format for 1993

Crop Responses at High Soil Tes Phosphorus Levels
W.K. Griffith

Research Notes: Calcination Effect on the Agronomic Effectiveness of Apatitic North Carolina Phosphate Rock (Alabama)

Using Phosphorus Fertilizers to Maintain Wheat Forage and Grain Yields on Acid Soils (Oklahoma)
R.K. Boman, J.J. Sloan, R.L. Westerman, W.R. Raun, and G.V. Johnson

Phosphorus Reduces Stress in Intensive Dryland No-Till Crop Rotations (Colorado)
D. G. Westfall, G.A. Peterson, and J.L. Sanders

Alfalfa Variety Response to Phosphorus and Potassium (Utah)
Terry A. Tindall and Raymond W. Miller

Phosphorus Management Can Reduce the Effects of Soil Salinity
Paul E. Fixen

Phosphorus: Impact on Small Grain Plant Development (Great Plains)
Carl Fanning and Jay Goos

Yield Response of Spring Wheat to Seed- Placed Phosphorus (Saskatchewan)
R.P. Zentner, C.A. Campbell, and F. Selles

Environotes from TVA
John E. Culp

Truth or Fiction?
J. Fielding Reed