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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCVI (96) 2012, No. 1

2011 IPNI Science Award Goes to Dr. Michael McLaughlin of CSRIO

IPNI Science Award is Available to Scientists in 2012

Nutrient Management for High Citrus Fruit Yield in Tropical Soils
Dirceu Mattos Junior, José Antônio Quaggio, Heitor Cantarella, Rodrigo Marcelli Boaretto, and Fernando César Bachiega Zambrosi

11th International Conference on Precision Agriculture Set for July 15-18

Eros Francisco (Brazil) and Sudarshan Dutta (South Asia) to Join Staff of IPNI as Deputy Directors

Cold Temperatures Did Not Remove the Risk of Ammonia Loss from Surface-Applied Urea
Richard Engel, Clain Jones, and Tom Jensen

Patterns of Nutrient Accumulation in ‘Hass’ Avocado Fruit
Richard Rosecrance, Ben Faber, and Carol Lovatt

Nitrogen Fertilization of Nitrogen-Stressed Soybeans
Dave Mengel, Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz, Ray Asebedo, and Tom Maxwell

Winners of IPNI 2011 Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest

Balanced Fertilization Promoted Yield and Quality of Waxy Maize in Chongqing
Hongzhou He, Wei Li, and Shihua Tu

4R Nutrient Management Practices for Potato Production in China
Shutian Li and Jiyun Jin

4R Plant Nutrition Manual's North American Version – Available This March

Increasing Use Efficiency of Nitrogenous Fertilizers in Fish Ponds
Amrita Thakur, Abira Banerjee, and G.N. Chattopadhyay

Sulfur Effects on Cotton Yield Components
X.H. Yin, C.O. Gwathmey, and C.L. Main

Foliar Potassium Nitrate Application for Paddy Rice
Tran Thuc Son, Le Xuan Anh, Yoav Ronen, and Harmen Tjalling Holwerda

Mathematics and Calculations for Agronomists and Soil Scientists …Available Soon in Metric!

The Agronomy Age
Paul E. Fixen