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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. CI (101) 2017 No. 2

IPNI Webinar Series / Fertilizer Industry Round Table Recognition Award

Ecological Intensification of Maize-based Cropping Systems
Kenneth G. Cassman

Exploring Maize Intensification with the Global Yield Gap Atlas
Patricio Grassini, Kenneth G. Cassman, and Martin van Ittersum

Ecological Intensification and 4R Nutrient Stewardship: Measuring Impacts
Rob Norton, Cliff Snyder, Fernando García, and T. Scott Murrell

Opportunities for Ecological Intensification Approaches when Yield Gaps Are Narrow
T. Scott Murrell, Jeffrey A. Coulter, Vladimir Nosov, John Sawyer, Daniel Barker, Olga Biryukova, and Jeffrey Vetsch

Ecological Intensification Management When Yield Gaps are Wide
Fernando García, T. Satyanarayana, and Shamie Zingore

Ecological Intensification to Increase Nutrient Use Efficiency while Maintaining Yield Levels: An Example from China
Rongrong Zhao and Ping He

Ecological Intensification When Maize is Not the Primary Crop
Eros Francisco

The Role of Precision Agriculture in Closing Maize Yield Caps
Steve Phillips and Kaushik Majumdar

Educating Farmers and Crop Advisers About Ecological Intensification
T. Satyanarayana, Vladimir Nosov, Sudarshan Dutta, and Kaushik Majumdar

The Global Maize Project: What Have We Learned?
Luís Prochnow and T. Scott Murrell

IPNI Announces the Start of Its Annual Photo Contest

Maize: Science and Practice
Paul E. Fixen