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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCI (91) 2007, No. 2

Tifton 85 Bermudagrass Response to Potassium Sources and Sulfur
V.A. Haby, W.M. Stewart, and A.T. Leonard

Potassium Balance on Sloping Lands as Affected by Farming Systems
Qing Zhu, Shihua Tu, Zhenggang Chen, and Zhaoqian Wang

Influence of Starter Fertilizer on Corn Yield and Plant Development on Mississippi River Alluvial Soils
H.J. (Rick) Mascagni, Don Boquet, and Bubba Bell

Spatial Variability in Available Nutrient Status in an Intensively Cultivated Village
P. Sen, K. Majumdar, and Gavin Sulewski

Potential Biofuels Influence on Nutrient Use and Removal in the U.S.
Paul E. Fixen

Phosphorus Fertilizer Boosts Yields in Fallow Wheat Production
Stewart A. Brandt

Introducing: Be Your Own Soybean Doctor

Spatial Variability and Site-Specific Nutrient Management in a Vegetable Production Area
Shao-Wen Huang, Ji-yun Jin, Ping He, Li-Ping Yang, and You-lu Bai

InfoAg 2007 Set for July 10-12 in Springfield, Illinois

Corn Response to Intensive Crop Nutrition
Bill Deen, John Lauzon, and Tom Bruulsema

Sulfate of Potash Foliar Spray Effects on Yield, Quality, and Post-Harvest Life of Banana
A. Ramesh Kumar and N. Kumar

New Posters Feature Forages/Southern Forages Book Now in Fourth Edition

Long-Term Phosphorus Fertilization Effects on Crop Yields and Soil Phosphorus
R.E. Karamanos, J.T. Harapiak, and G.A. Kruger

Full-Season, Irrigated Soybean Response to Potassium Fertilization in Arkansas
Nathan A. Slaton, Russell DeLong, Bobby R. Golden, and Morteza Mozaffari

Conversion Factors for U.S. System and Metric Units

Thomas L. Jensen Joins Staff of IPNI as Northern Great Plains Director

Will Biotechology Replace Nitrogen Fertilizer?
Tom W. Bruulsema