Vol. LXXVII (77), No. 4 Fall 1993

Vol. LXXVII (77), No. 4 Fall 1993
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXVII (77), No. 4 Fall 1993

Our Cover: Corn harvest in the Midwest. Photo credit: Thomas Hovland from Grant Heilman

C.S. Hoffman Elected Chairman, C.E. Childers Vice Chairman of PPI and FAR Boards of Directors

Flaxseed Is High in Potassium for Human Nutrition (North Dakota)
Jack F Carter

New Publication, Video and Educational Programs for Intensive Wheat Management (Virginia)

Fertilization and Legumes Influence Spring Wheat Yield Trends (Saskatchewan)
C. A. Campbell, G.R Lafond and R.P. Zentner

Dr. J.D. Beaton Receives WCFA Award of Merit

Acid Tolerance of Forage Species (Louisiana)

Liming Acid Soils Is Essential for Ryegrass Forage Production (Louisiana)
M.M. Eichhorn and Paul Bell

Study Shows Little Nitrate Leaching from Turfgrass on Fine Texture Soil (Ohio)
C. Geron, K. Danneberger, S. Traina, T. Logan and J. Street

Crop Removal of Chloride
P.E. Fixen

Canola Production for Southeast Agriculture
N.R. Usherwood

Research Notes: Cotton Root Growth as Affected by Phosphorus Fertilizer Placement (Alabama)

Potassium Response on High-Potassium Soils Leads to New Soil Test (Montana)
Earl 0. Skogley

Influence of Copper on Coastal Bermudagrass Forage Yield and Quality (Texas)
W.B. Gass, J.N. Pratt, D.B. Herd, H.D. Pennington and J.L. Sanders

Potassium Chloride ... Alternative Regenerant for Softening Water
Kim Polizotto and Charles Harms

Intensive Wheat Management Conference Set for March 10-11,1994

Wheat Response to Time of Phosphorus Application (Arkansas)
M.D. Correll, B.R. Wells, R.K. Bacon and J.T. Kelly

Environotes from TVA
John E. Culp

Southern Forages Book Available

J. Fielding Reed