Vol. LXXVII (77), No. 3 Summer 1993

Vol. LXXVII (77), No. 3 Summer 1993
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXVII (77), No. 3 Summer 1993

Our Cover: A rainbow follows a thunderstorm over corn and soybean fields in Illinois. Photo by Dr. Harold F. Reetz, Jr.

Extra Boron Maintains Root Growth unde Toxic Aluminum Conditions
Mary LeNoble, Dale G. Blevins and Randall J. Miles

1994 Meeting Dates Announced

Fertilizer: To Nourish Infertile Soil tha Feeds a Fertile Population that Crowds a Fragile World
Norman E. Borlaug and Christopher R. Dowswell

The Importance of Potassium in Strenuou Exercise Programs
D.B. Young

Research Notes: Effects of Potassium Defi ciency on Heart Functions in Animals (Mississippi)

Chloride Promotes Wheat Health and Increases Yields (Texas)
Travis Miller

Research Notes: Stand Dynamics and Yield Components of Alfalfa as Affected by Phosphorus Fertility (Texas)

Yield Variability Considerations for Spring Wheat Yield Goals
Lyle Prunty and R.J. Goos

Research Notes: Growth, Yield and Quality of Forage Maize under Different Nitrogen Management Practices (New York)

J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowship Winners

Effects of Boron on Seedling Establishment of Annual Legumes (Texas)
G.R. Smith, V.A. Haby, C.L. Gilbert and I.J. Pemberton

Boron Improves Clover Production
V.A. Haby, G.R. Smith, J.N. Pratt, J.R. Brown and J.L. Sanders

Evaluation of Surfactants in Foliar Feeding Cotton with Potassium Nitrate (Tennessee)
D.D. Howard, P.E. Hoskinson and P.W. Brawley

Forage Legumes Respond to Lime and Phosphorus
B.C. Darst, W.R. Thompson and J.T. Touchton

Immobilization and Uptake of Ammonium and Nitrate Nitrogen in Starter Fertilizer
D.D. Francis, J.W. Doran and R.D. Lohry

Soil Specific Crop Management-A Workshop in Research and Development Issues

Fertilizer Management for Today's Tillage Systems

Soil Fertility and Fertilizers- Fifth Edition Now Available

Environotes from TVA
John E. Culp

A Great Team
J. Fielding Reed