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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXIV (84), 2000 No. 3

The Mysteries (Myths) of Nutrient Use Efficiency
David W. Dibb

Potassium Diagnostic Criteria for Potato Plants (Idaho)
D.T. Westermann and T.A. Tindall

Research Notes: Canadian Spring Canola Yields Keep Climbing (Alberta)

Effect of Phosphorus on Economic Nitrogen Rate for Irrigated Corn - Update (Kansas)
K.C. Dhuyvetter, A.J. Schlegel, and T.L. Kastens

Phosphorus Fertilization of Tall Fescue May Prevent Grass Tetany (Missouri)
T.R. Lock, R.L. Kallenbach, D.G. Blevins, T.M. Reinbott, R.J. Crawford, Jr., M.D. Massie, and G.J. Bishop-Hurley

Exchange Resins Measure Rotation Effect on Nutrient Availability (Western U.S.)
Steven E. Salisbury and Neil W. Christensen

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Robert E. Wagner Award Recipients Announced

Alfalfa Yield Response to Method and Rate of Applied Phosphorus (Oklahoma)
R.W. Mullen, G.V. Johnson, J.F. Stritzke, J.L. Caddel, S.B. Phillips, and W.R. Raun

Rainfall and Runoff Water Quality from Croplands in the South Texas Coastal Plains (Texas)
Bobby R. Eddleman

Are We There Yet?
B.C. Darst