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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCIV (94) 2010, No. 3

Welcome to this Focus Issue on Spatial Variability
Terry L. Roberts and Steve Phillips

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Precision Agriculture: Does It Make Sense?
Viacheslav I. Adamchuk

Spatial Variability and SSNM of Spring Wheat Production under Collective Contract Cropping (Northeast China)
Shao-wen Huang, Li-mei Huang, Shuang-quan Liu, Ji-yun Jin, and Ping He

Use of Village-Level Soil Fertility Maps as a Fertilizer Decision-Support Tool in the Red and Lateritic Soil Zone of India (West Bengal, India)
Wasim Iftikar, G.N. Chattopadhayay, K. Majumdar, and G.D. Sulewski

Optimizing Nitrogen for Wheat Growing on Hostile Subsoils (Australia)
John F. Angus, Charlie N. Walker, J.F. Pedler, and Rob M. Norton

Temporal Variability of Crop Response to Fertilizer (Ohio, North America)
Robert Mullen, Greg LaBarge, and Keith Diedrick

Use of Active Optical Sensors for Crops in Brazil
J.P. Molin

Advances in the Use of Remote Sensors in Argentinean Agriculture
Ricardo Melchiori

IPNI Joins as a Supporter and Exhibitor for AG CONNECT Expo in January 2011

Precision Management Zones Increase Sugar Production in North Dakota and Minnesota (Northern Great Plains)
David Franzen, Greg Richards, and Tom Jensen

Spatial Variability of Soil Fertility Parameters and Efficiency of Variable Rate Fertilizer Application in the Trans-Volga Samara Region (Russia)
A. Tsirulev

IPNI Introduces “Nutrient Source Specifics” Series

Getting Started with Precision Agriculture (North America)
Amy Winstead and John Fulton

IPNI Introduces NuGIS – A New Tool for Evaluation of Nutrient Use and Balance in the U.S.

The Role of Spatial Variability in Nutrient Management
Steve Phillips