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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXVIII (88) 2004, No. 3

Winners of Robert E. Wagner Award for 2004

J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowships Awarded to Four Outstanding Graduate Students

Nutrient Requirements of Rice with Alternative Straw Management
E.W. Byous, J.F. Williams, G.E. Jones, W.R. Horvath, Chris van Kessel

Phosphorus Fertilizer Impacts Forage, Beef, and Grain Production from Wheat
D.L. Robinson, W.E. Pinchak, J.W. Sij, S.J. Bevers, R.J. Gill, D.P. Malinowski, T.A. Baughman

Phosphorus Runoff Losses from Lawns
W.R. Kussow

Phosphorus Balance in Semiarid Forage Production
Fernando Selles, P.G. Jefferson

Understanding the Science Behind Fertilizer Recommendations
T.W. Bruulsema

InfoAg Ohio Valley Regional Conference August 16-17

Potassium Nutrition of Flood-Irrigated Rice
N.A. Slaton, D. Dunn, B. Pugh

Optimizing Fodder Grass Production for Fisheries in Hubei
Lu Jianwei, Chen Fang, Lu Junming, Liang Youguang

Potassium for Soybeans
H.A.A. Mascarenhas, R.T. Tanaka, E.B. Wutke, N.R. Braga, M.A.C. de Miranda

Boosting Seed Cotton Yields in Punjab with Potassium: A Review
M.S. Brar, K.N. Tiwari

Balanced Nutrition — for People and Plants
B.C. Darst