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A unique web-based information system that is available to all IPNI Members and their Staff. The system is designed to collect yield and associated fertilizer use data from regions in which we conduct our Programs.

Better Crops

Few publications available today can claim the longevity of Better Crops with Plant Food (BC), the quarterly publication of IPNI. The magazine originated in 1923. It's not easy to describe this unique magazine. With an identity somewhere between an agronomic research journal and a marketing information series, BC provides a steady vehicle for reporting news from research related to nutrient management. While constantly evolving to serve its target audiences, the magazine also serves as a mirror of the agronomic research and education programs of the Institute.

IPNI Insights

IPNI Insights is a regional newsletter published by the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). Click on any region name below to view a list of issues from that region. A map is available that shows the regions and allows access to the issues by clicking on the region of interest on the map.

Math for Agronomists

Mathematics and Calculations for Agronomists and Soil Scientists: A Guide to Converting Biologically-Based Data into Economically and Scientifically-Based Practical Solutions

NuGIS (Nutrient GIS)

A Nutrient Use Geographic Information System (NuGIS) for the U.S.