Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 2

Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 2
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 2

The InfoAg Conference in St. Louis, Missouri – July 29-31, 2014

International Stewardship Symposium in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – July 15-16, 2014

Can Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers Affect the Fate of Nitrogen in Loblolly Pine Plantations?
Jay Raymond, Thomas Fox and Brian Strahm

IPNI Science Award – Nominations Are Due September 30, 2014

Proper Fertilization Helps Turfgrass Fulfill its Role in Protecting the Environment
George Hochmuth

The Historical Development and Significance of the Haber Bosch Process
David E. Kissel

Can a Soil Mineralization Test Improve Wheat and Corn Nitrogen Diagnosis?
Nahuel Reussi Calvo, Hector E. Echeverría, Hernan Sainz Rozas, Angel Berardo, and Natalia Diovisalvi

4R Nutrient Stewardship for Sunflower Crops in Northwest China
Shutian Li, Debao Tuo and Yu Duan

Meeting the Nutrient Demands of Modern Sugarcane Varieties
D.B. Phonde, P. S. Deshmukh, M.W. Pawar, P.V. Ghodake, B.V. Undare, Harmandeep Singh Khurana, and Aliaksei Shcharbakou

Increasing Soybean Yields: Brazil’s Challenges
Eros Francisco, Gil Câmara, Valter Casarin, and Luis Prochnow

IPNI Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest—New Rules for 2014

New Nutri-Facts Series Available

Nutrient Uptake and Distribution in Lychee
L.X. Yao, G.L. Li, B.M. Yang, L.X. Huang, Z.H. He, C.M. Zhou, and S. Tu

Cool Forages: Advanced Management of Temperate Forages

Potassium in Agriculture: Status and Perspectives
Christian Zorb, Mehmet Senbayram and Edgar Peiter

Fertilizer Industry Round Table Recognition Award Deadline is June 30

Data: Landfill or Legacy
Paul E. Fixen