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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXII (82) 1998, No. 1

John M. Van Brunt Elected Chairman, John H. Sultenfuss Vice Chairman of PPI and FAR Boards of Directors

No-Till Corn Grain Yield Responses to Band Applications of Potassium (Iowa)
A.P. Mallarino and T.S. Murrell

Natural Streamside Buffers Help Safeguard Water Quality

Phosphorus in Surface Waters: The Minnesota River Case Study (Minnesota)
David J. Mulla

Site-Specific Nutrient Management: Variability in Cotton Yield Responses and Soil Chemical Characteristics (Tennessee)
S.A. Smith, M.E. Essington, D.D. Howard, D.D. Tyler and J. Wilkerson

Dr. B.C. Darst Receives Soil Science Award

PPI Announces Steve Couch as Information Management Specialist

Research Needs for Site-Specific Nutrient Management to Benefit Agriculture
P.E. Fixen

Cotton Fertility and Soil Test Calibration (Georgia)
Glen Harris

In Memory of Eugene D. Dixon, 1917-98

Alfalfa Response to Boron at Variable Soil pH on Coastal Plain Soils (Texas)
Vincent Haby, James V. Davis and Allen Leonard

Chloride Fertilizer Effects in Winter Wheat and Interactions with Foliar Fungicides Under Severe Leaf Rust Pressure (Texas)
Travis D. Miller

Annual Statement of Ownership

Digital Cameras - A New Diagnostic/Research Tool

Expectations of Precision Phosphate Management (Oklahoma)
Mick Goedeken, Gordon Johnson and Bill Raun

J. Fielding Reed