Vol. CIII (103) 2019, No. 1

Vol. CIII (103) 2019, No. 1
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. CIII (103) 2019, No. 1

Editor’s Note: Our Final Issue
Gavin Sulewski

350 Years and Counting……
Heidi Peterson

Phosphorus: Past History and Contributions to the Global Food Supply
Terry L. Roberts

Cycling and Anthropogenic Use of Phosphorus in the 21st Century: Geoscientific and Geosocial Foundations of Agriculture
Roland W. Scholz and Friedrich-Wilhelm Wellmer

Measuring Crop-Available Phosphorus
John Kovar and Heitor Cantarella

Sources of Phosphorus for Plants: Past, Present, and Future
Robert Mikkelsen

Soil ‘Organic’ Phosphorus: An Untapped Resource for Crop Production?
Malika M. Mezeli, Phil Haygarth, Timothy S. George, Roy Neilson, and Martin S.A. Blackwell

Manure Phosphorus Management from a Global Perspective
April Leytem and James Mutegi

2018 Photo Contest Winners

Reducing Unintended Consequences of Agricultural Phosphorus
Don Flaten, Andrew Sharpley, Helen Jarvie, and Peter Kleinman

Root/Rhizosphere Management for Improving Phosphorus Use Efficiency and Crop Productivity
Liyang Wang and Jianbo Shen

Increasing Plant Access to Legacy Phosphorus, with a Focus in the Tropics
Luís I. Prochnow, Heidi Peterson, and Tom Bruulsema

Improved Plant Diversity as a Strategy to Increase Available Soil Phosphorus
Carlos A.C. Crusciol, João P.G. Rigon, Juliano C. Calonego, and Rogério P. Soratto

Phosphorus Use in High Yield Cropping Systems
Bryan G. Hopkins

Phosphogypsum: P Fertilizer By-Product and Soil Amendment
Valery Kalinitchenko and Vladimir Nosov

Sustainable Phosphorus Management: Defining 4R Practices
Heidi Peterson and Tom Bruulsema

The Future of Phosphorus Use in Agriculture
Michael J. McLaughlin

Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Terry Roberts