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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCI (91) 2007, No. 1

International Plant Nutrition Institute Executive Committee and Officers of the Board Elected

Phosphorus Absorption and Accumulation in Apple (China)
Yan’an Tong and Fan Hongzhu

Forest Fertilization and Water Quality in the United States (North America)
T.R. Fox, H.L. Allen, T.J. Albaugh, R. Rubilar, and C.A. Carlson

Rebalancing Nutrient Application in Late-Sown Potato (India)
B.R. Gupta, T.P. Tiwari, Rakesh Tiwari, and K.N. Tiwari

Site-Specific Management of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in a Corn/Soybean Rotation (North America)
D.M. Lambert, J. Lowenberg-DeBoer, and G.L. Malzer

International Plant Nutrition Institute Announces the “IPNI Science Award”

Dr. Paul E. Fixen Elected Fellow of AAAS

Agronomic Education and Credit for Purchasing Fertilizer Bring Environmental and Social Benefits for Coffee Growers (Peru)
Reiles Zapata and José Espinosa

Phosphate Efficiency for Corn Following Brachiaria Grass Pasture in the Cerrado Region (Brazil)
Á.V. Resende, A.E. Furtini Neto, V.M.C. Alves, N. Curi, J.A. Muniz, V. Faquin, and D.I. Kinpara

Phosphorus Management in a Dry-Seeded, Delayed-Flood Rice Production System (North America)
David Dunn and Gene Stevens

Maximizing Phosphorus Removal with Winter Cereal/Corn Double-Crop Forage Production (North America)
Bradford D. Brown

Foliar Potassium Improves Cantaloupe Marketable and Nutritional Quality (North America)
G.E. Lester, J.L. Jifon, and W.M. Stewart

Testing Turfgrass Soils (North America)
D. Soldat, A.M. Petrovic, R. Rao, and T.W. Bruulsema

2007 InfoAg Conference Schedule

A Message to Readers of Better Crops with Plant Food