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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. CII (102) 2018, No. 1

Cocoa Yield under Good Agricultural Practices and 4R Nutrient Management in Indonesian Smallholder Systems
Thomas Oberthür, Marianne Samson, Noel Janetski, and Kate Janetski

Estimating Nutrient Uptake Requirements for Soybean
Fuqiang Yang, Dan Wei, and Ping He

Nutrient Uptake Illustrated for Modern, High-Yielding Soybean
Gabriel Barth, Eros Francisco, Juliana Tamie Suyama, and Fernando Garcia

Residual Effect of Potassium Fertilizer on Potato in Western Siberia
Vladimir Yakimenko and Vladimir Nosov

Does Balanced Fertilization Improve Soil Health?
Laura Ferreras, Gustavo Magra, Andres Saperdi, Silvia Toresani, Miguel Boxler, Santiago Gallo, Ricardo Pozzi, Adrian Correndo, and Fernando Garcia

Phosphorus Placement for Annual Crops in the Tropics
Luís Prochnow, Álvaro Resende, Adilson Junior, Eros Francisco, Valter Casarin, and Paulo Pavinato

Watershed-Scale Phosphorus Balances to Establish Reasonable Water Quality Expectations
Heidi Peterson and Lawrence Baker

Managing Nutrients for Climatic Resilience in African Smallholder Maize Production
Jairos Rurinda, Mark T. van Wijk, Paul Mapfumo, and Ken E. Giller

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