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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCIV (94) 2010, No. 2

Dr. Ji-yun Jin of IPNI Honored with 2010 IFA Norman Borlaug Award,
Shamie Zingore Joins Staff of IPNI as Director of Africa Program

Managing Nitrogen for Economic Returns and Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Irrigated Cropping Systems (Colorado)
David W. Archer and Ardell D. Halvorson

Zinc-Enriched Urea Improves Grain Yield and Quality of Aromatic Rice (North India)
Gulab Singh Yadav, Dinesh Kumar, Y.S. Shivay, and Harmandeep Singh

Liming Requirement for Nitrogen Fertilizer-Induced Soil Acidity: A New Examination of AOAC Guidelines (North America)
S.H. (Norman) Chien, R.L. Kallenbach, and M.M. Gearhart

Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest - 2010

How Potassium Nutrition Can Suppress Soybean Aphids (North America)
Tom Bruulsema, Christina DiFonzo, and Claudio Gratton

Benefits of Integrating Crops and Tropical Pastures as Systems of Production (Brazil)
Carlos A.C. Crusciol, Rogério P. Soratto, Emerson Borghi, and Gustavo P. Mateus

Fertilizer Bands and Dual Effects of Nitrogen on Young Corn Plants (North America)
Jun Zhang, Alfred M. Blackmer, Tracy M. Blackmer, and Peter M. Kyveryga

Learning from Long-term Experiments - What Do They Teach Us? (Australia)
Rob Norton, Roger Perris, and Roger Armstrong

Magnesium: A Forgotten Element in Crop Production
Ismail Cakmak and Atilla M. Yazici

Soil and Fertilizer Magnesium
Robert Mikkelsen

IPNI Awards Available to Graduate Students and Scientists in 2010

Characteristics of Nutrient Uptake by Grape (Shaanxi, China)
Yan´an Tong, Wenjuan Ma, Yimin Gao, and Shulan Zhang

Conversion Factors for U.S. System and Metric

The Roots of Nutrient Management
Robert Mikkelsen