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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXII (82) 1998, No. 4

Alfalfa Yield and Soil Test Responses to Phosphorus and Potassium (Utah)
R.T. Koenig, C.L. Hurst, and J.V. Barnhill

Phosphorus Needs of Processing Potato Varieties (Prince Edward Island)
S. Moorehead, R. Coffin, and B. Douglas

Profitability Surveys: Evaluating Management Factors (Kansas)
T.L. Kastens, H. Nivens, W.M. Stewart, and T.S. Murrell

Variable Rate Nutrient Management for Corn-Wheat-Soybean Cropping Systems (North Carolina)
R.W. Heiniger

No-till Management Requires Proper Fertilization (Saskatchewan)
C.A. Campbell, G.P. Lafond, R.P. Zentner, and T.L. Roberts

Soil Test Levels in North America (Summary Update)
P.E. Fixen

Decreasing Phosphorus Runoff from Poultry Litter with Aluminum Sulfate (Arkansas)
M.L. Self-Davis and P.A. Moore, Jr.

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Optimize Barley Silage Production (Alberta)
R.H. McKenzie, A. Middleton, E. Solberg, J. DeMulder, and H. Najda

Extending Phosphorus Fertilizer Benefits in Established Alfalfa (Montana)
J.W. Bauder, D.J. Sieler, Shaukat Mahmood, and J.S. Jacobsen

Deep Phosphorus Banding in Winter Wheat - A Risk Management Tool for the Southern Great Plains (Texas)
Travis D. Miller

Remediation of Heavy Metal-Contaminated Soil Using Rock Phosphate (Oklahoma)
N.T. Basta and R. Gradwohl

In Memory of Santford W. Martin, 1922-1998

"Wicked Youth?"
J. Fielding Reed