18 Aug 2014

4R N Management, N Use Efficiency and Effectiveness, and Nitrous Oxide Emissions

A range of technologies are available to reduce nitrous oxide emissions, but rather than focus specifically on emissions, the broader management and policy focus should be on improved N use efficiency and effectiveness—for lower nitrous oxide emissions per unit of crop and animal product, or per unit of land area.

17 Jul 2014

Nutrient Expert® Featured in CCAFS Annual Report and as a Women Empowerment Tool by Farming First

"The advantage of developing the Nutrient Expert® in a participatory mode was that the partners were on-board from day one and ultimately ‘owned’ the innovation."

14 Jul 2014

Nitrous Oxide: Reducing Emissions From Fertilizer and Manure Nitrogen

It is possible to improve crop recovery of applied N and reduce the risks for environmental N losses through careful soil and crop management, and a keen understanding of N loss pathways. Download this bulletin in Stewardship Specific series.

08 Jul 2014

Plant Nutrition Today

Summer 2014 edition.

07 Jul 2014

4R Nutrient Stewardship Portal

This page lists all materials developed by IPNI and other cooperators on 4Rs (i.e., right rate, right time, right source, and right place of fertilizer application).

07 Jul 2014

2014 Edition of Catalog of Publications

Download this year's booklet to learn about our latest listing of publications as well as details on ordering.

06 Jul 2014

Stewardship Specifics

Stewardship Specifics are condensed, one-page bulletins providing scientific reviews of issues impacted by nutrient stewardship. Stewardship Specifics are written by IPNI staff and are intended to provide balanced assessments of current and emerging topics related to nutrient use, crop production, and environmental protection.

01 Jul 2014

Nitrogen Notes

A basic understanding of the reactions of nitrogen in soils provides a solid foundation for making wise nutrient stewardship decisions. This series of fact sheets, written by IPNI staff, covers the major nitrogen fertilizer transformations that occur in crop production.

Soybean K deficiency
26 Jun 2014

2014 Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest is Now Open

This year our contest features some important changes. Photos and supporting information can be submitted until December 11, 2014 (Thursday, 5pm EST).