26 Jun 2015

Interpretive Summaries: 2014 Crop Year

This past year IPNI provided financial and in-kind support to over 160 projects around the world.

24 Jun 2015


Calcium (Ca) nutrition plays a vital role in the production of high quality crops. It also has an important function as a valuable soil amendment in many situations.

16 Jun 2015

Plant Nutrition Today - Summer 2015

This quarterly publication features current issues in plant nutrition.

05 Jun 2015

2015 International Stewardship Symposium - July 14-15, 2015

CCAs are now eligible to receive up to 10 CEUs when they attend the 2015 International Stewardship Symposium. Learn more at the conference website.

29 May 2015

Better Crops With Plant Food - 2015 #2

A Look at the Nutrient Budget for Brazilian Agriculture and much more inside this issue of Better Crops.

28 May 2015

International Plant Nutrition Institute - Program Report 2015

This annual report demonstrates actions and metrics related to our responses to the needs identified in our Global Tactical Plan.

15 May 2015

The Importance of Lios

IPNI partnered with students from the University of Georgia Dramatic Media Department to develop a short stop-motion, animated educational video to promote the International Year of Soil. This eight-minute video, called ‘The Importance of Lios’ demonstrates the importance of earthworms in healthy soil and subtly promotes the vital role of plant nutrients and balanced soil fertility.

27 Apr 2015


Copper (Cu) is one of eight essential plant micronutrients. When Cu is deficient, common crop responses to its application include reduced disease, increased crop growth and improved quality. Commonly applied Cu sources include fertilizer, animal manures, biosolids, and pesticides.

26 Apr 2015

Frontiers in Potassium Science

Developing a Roadmap to Advance the Science of Potassium Soil Fertility Evaluation