20 Sep 2017

4R Nutrient Stewardship Portal

Find the 4R Manual available in 9 different languages and much more!

20 Sep 2017

Plant Nutrition Today 2017 Issue #3, No. 3

Our weekly highlighted article is "Avoid Growing Pains For Your Crop" by Dr. Rob Mikkelsen.

18 Sep 2017

Webinar - The Potassium Balance in Chinese Agriculture

Dr. Ping will discuss the temporal and spacial changes of potassium input and output in China at the provincial and regional level.

13 Sep 2017

Documenting the Need for Potassium in Uruguay

Agriculture in Uruguay initially developed in high potassium (K) soils, under conventional tillage and crop rotations that required no K fertilizer. The scenario changed during the last decades driven by increasing grain prices. The annual cropped area tripled between 2002 and 2014, with soybean now sown on 67% of the area. Cropping systems have intensified, shifting from crop-pasture rotations to continuous annual cropping under no-till cultivation.

29 Aug 2017

Better Crops with Plant Food, 2017, No. 3

Issue features adapting controlled-release urea in China, broadcast urea and overwinter nitrogen loss and much more!

28 Aug 2017

Issue Review Series August 2017 - Dr. Robert Norton

This report covers a range of performance metrics that are used to help assess the impact of nutrient applications. The paper also outlines key concepts to consider while interpreting a nutrient use performance indicator of choice.

27 Jun 2017

IPNI Regional Reviews

Learn more about IPNI's regional programs.

21 Jun 2017

Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference Website

Review the recorded oral presentations, posters, and conference proceedings.