27 Apr 2015


Copper (Cu) is one of eight essential plant micronutrients. When Cu is deficient, common crop responses to its application include reduced disease, increased crop growth and improved quality. Commonly applied Cu sources include fertilizer, animal manures, biosolids, and pesticides.

26 Apr 2015

Frontiers in Potassium Science

Developing a Roadmap to Advance the Science of Potassium Soil Fertility Evaluation

27 Mar 2015

Better Crops With Plant Food - 2015 #1

Special Issue: Dedicated to the International Year of Soils

27 Mar 2015


Chloride is commonly found in nature—from seas, to soils, to the air—it’s everywhere. It is a monovalent anion, having a single negative charge (Cl-). Plants take up the element chlorine in this anionic form. Under standard conditions chlorine (Cl) is an unstable, yellow-green gas. Unlike Cl- , free Cl rarely occurs in nature.

12 Mar 2015

Healthy Soils for a Healthy Life: 2015 is the International Year of Soils

Our soils are precious, help protect them. Share these resources and spread the message, soils sustain life.

03 Mar 2015

Plant Nutrition Today - Spring 2015

This quarterly publication features current issues in plant nutrition.

Fifth Edition Southern Forages Now Available
12 Feb 2015

IPNI Releases Fifth Edition of Southern Forages Textbook

IPNI has released the Fifth Edition of Southern Forages: Modern Concepts for Forage Crop Management authored by Dr. Don Ball, Dr. Carl Hoveland and Dr. Garry Lacefield.