15 Aug 2017

Nutrient Expert®: Making Better Fertilizer Use Decisions

The preferred method for making fertilizer recommendations is to analyze soils to determine if an adequate nutrient supply exists to support healthy crop growth. However, most farmers in India lack knowledge about managing nutrients within their highly nutrient demanding cereal systems.

14 Aug 2017

Webinar 08/23 - The 4R’s: Selecting the “Right Source” of Nutrients

This webinar addresses the major factors and products to consider when making this important 4R management decision.

08 Aug 2017

Plant Nutrition Today Issue #2, No. 7

Our weekly highlighted article is "There are Poor Growth Areas in a Field! What is the Problem?" by Dr. Tom Jensen.

12 Jul 2017

Issue Review Series July 2017 - Dr. Cliff Snyder

This report identifies trends in nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) use from 1987 to 2012, Mississippi River Basin and sub-Basin partial N and P balances, hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico, and highlights progress toward reductions in nutrient losses.

10 Jul 2017

Long-term Research Documents Importance of Balanced Plant Nutrition

Farmers increasingly need science-based information on the role of balanced plant nutrition to optimize profitability and minimize environmental impact. IPNI recognizes that long-term crop nutrition research is essential for understanding the 4R pillars— economic, environmental, and social sustainability of crop production and has supported an on-going study in western Kansas, USA that began in 1961.

27 Jun 2017

IPNI Regional Reviews

Learn more about IPNI's regional programs.

21 Jun 2017

Frontiers of Potassium Science Conference Website

Review the recorded oral presentations, posters, and conference proceedings.

20 Jun 2017

4R CCA Nutrient Management Specialist Study Guide

IPNI has developed a new study guide in support of the 4R Nutrient Management Specialist Certification program of the Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) program. Available for purchase today!

22 May 2017

Special Better Crops Issue Focusing on the IPNI Global Maize Project

Advancing the Science on Ecological Intensification for Maize-based Cropping Systems