22 Mar 2011

Mathematics and Calculations for Agronomists and Soil Scientists: US and Metric Versions

Click to enlargeMathematics and Calculations for Agronomists and Soil Scientists: A Guide to Converting Biologically-Based Data into Economically and Scientifically-Based Practical Solutions

Available in both Imperial/U.S. Unit and Metric Unit versions, the overall goal of this publication is to teach individuals - whether students or working professionals - how to propose, test, and implement innovative strategies that increase productivity while also protecting the environment. The publication begins with a review of basic mathematics and progresses through understanding the scientific method, understanding how experiments are conducted and analyzed, and knowing how to develop and test conceptual and mathematical models.

The publication is a wire bound 8½ x 11 in. booklet. This booklet contains 230 pages in 25 different chapter topics, plus three appendix sections, answer key, and index.

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