19 Nov 2013

IPNI Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator

The crop nutrient removal calculator (NRC) estimates crop nutrient removal of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (expressed as P2O5), potassium (expressed as K2O), and sulfur (S) for a broad, and continually expanding, list of field crops.

Results are calculated based on user-selected yield goals, and can be displayed in either metric or US/Imperial units. The calculator is uniquely multilingual—providing full access in six languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese (Mandarin).

Compatible with all computer and mobile devices, this Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator is freely available at: http://ipni.info/calculator

List of crops currently included (as of 2013-11-21)
alfalfa, almond, apple, bahaigrass, barley, beans, bermudagrass, birdsfoot trefoil, bluegrass, broccoli, bromegrass, buckwheat, cabbage, canola, cantelope, celery, corn, cotton, fescue grass, flax, grapes, lettuce, millet, mint, oat, oranges, orchardgrass, peach, peanut, pear, potato, prunes, red clover, reed canary grass, rice, rye, ryegrass, safflower, sorghum, soybean, squash, sugarbeet, sugarcane, sunflower, sweet potato, switchgrass, timothy grass, tobacco, tomato, vetch, wheat (spring/winter)

Languages included:
English (EN)
Español (Spanish, ES)
Français (French, FR)
Português (Portuguese, PT)
Русский (Russian, RU)
中國的 (Chinese-Mandarin, ZH)


Q: Can I create a bookmark for this tool on the home screen of my mobile device?
A: Yes. The technique varies based on the device. As an example, iPhone/iPad users follow these steps:
    1. View the NRC page in your browser.
    2. Tap the Share button: it's the icon in the middle at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Tap on 'Add to the Home Screen'. An icon will be added to your home screen.

Q: Can a user select/change the units?
A: Yes. NRC calculates nutrient removal in both metric and imperial/US units. Users select their initial preference when starting up the NRC. This setting can be changed within the user preference setting.

Q: Can a user change the language?
A: Yes. NRC is a multilingual publication available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Mandarin (Chinese). Your language is automatically detected. This setting can be changed within the user preference setting.

Q: Can a user bookmark favorite crops?
A: Yes. For quick access, NRC allows the creation of a short list of common crops of interest. You may add or remove crops to your favorites list. Tap the Star icon next to a crop name.

Q: I don't see my crop of choice. Is this the final list?
A: No. IPNI will be expanding the list of crops over time as good representative data becomes available.

Q: What are the current sources for data used in the tool?
A: For a list of published sources used in the calculator please see the information section within the tool.