Issue Review Series

This series includes in-depth, critical reviews by IPNI Scientists on current issues related to plant nutrient science.


Suites of 4R Nitrogen Management Practices for Sustainable Crop Production and Environmental Protection.

Dr. Cliff Snyder, IPNI Nitrogen Program Director, October, 2016

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Estimation of Organic Nutrient Sources and Availability for Land Application in China.

Shutian Li, Xiaoyong Liu, and Wengcheng Ding, August, 2016

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Nutrient Performance Indicators: The importance of farm scale assessments, linked to soil fertility, productivity, environmental impact and the adopĀ­tion of grower best management practices.

IPNI Scientists, August, 2014

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Is Potassium Fertilizer Really Necessary?

Dr. T. Scott Murrell, IPNI Scientist, November, 2013

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