Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 4

Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 4
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. XCVIII (98) 2014, No. 4

IPNI Scholar Award Recipients Announced for 2014

Encourage Growers to Do the Numbers before Reacting to Crop Prices
Mike Stewart and Paul Fixen

Estimating Nutrient Uptake Requirements for Wheat
Limin Chuan, Ping He, Mirasol F. Pampolino, Jiyun Jin, Shutian Li, Cynthia Grant, Wei Zhou, and Adrian M. Johnston

Does Long-term Use of Mineral Fertilizers Affect the Soil Microbial Biomass?
Daniel Geisseler and Kate M. Scow

Nutrient Management Improvements in Forestry Species
Alfredo Alvarado, Jesús Fernández-Moya, José M. Segura, Edwin E. Vaides, Manuel Camacho, María J. Avellán, and Carlos E. Ávila

Nitrogen Use Efficiency for Old versus Modern Corn Hybrids
Ignacio A. Ciampitti and Tony J. Vyn

The Efficient Use of Phosphorus in Agriculture
Johnny Johnston, Paul Fixen and Paul Poulton

Simulating Potential Growth and Yield of Oil Palm with PALMSIM
Munir P. Hoffmann, Alba Castaneda Vera, Mark T. van Wijk, Ken E. Giller, Thomas Oberthür, Christopher Donough, Anthony M. Whitbread, and Miles J. Fisher

Nutrient Expert Improves Maize Yields while Balancing Fertilizer Use
Vishal B. Shahi, Sudarshan K. Dutta, Kaushik Majumdar, T. Satyanarayana, and Adrian Johnston

Fertilizer Use Patterns in the Semi-arid, Cereal Producing Region of Chaouia
Zhor Abail, Oumaima Iben Halima, Hakim Boulal, and Mohamed El Gharous

Perception Versus Reality
Terry L. Roberts