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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCVI (96) 2012, No. 4

2012 Scholar Award Recipients Announced by IPNI

Nitrogen Source and Placement Affect Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Irrigated Corn in Colorado
Ardell D. Halvorson and Stephen J. Del Grosso

Site-Specific Fertilizer Recommendations for Oil Palm Smallholders Using Information from Large Plantations
Michael J. Webb, Paul N. Nelson, L. Gary Rogers, George N. Curry, Julie M.C. Pasuquin, and Adrian M. Johnston

Economics of Fertilizing Irrigated Cereals in the Indo-Gangetic Plains
V.B. Shahi, A. Kumar, N. Gupta, K. Majumdar, M.L. Jat, T. Satyanarayana, M. Pampolino, S. Dutta, H.S. Khurana, and A.M. Johnston

Maize Response to Balanced Fertilizer Application in Northwest China
Shutian Li, Jiyun Jin, Yu Duan, Tianwen Guo, Yan Zhang, and Youhong Li

Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest Entries Due December 11

Soil Potassium in Uruguay: Current Situation and Future Prospects
Mónica Barbazán, Carlos Bautes, Licy Beux, J. Martín Bordoli, Alvaro Califra, Juan D. Cano, Amabelia del Pino, Oswaldo Ernst, Adriana García, Fernando García, Sebastián Mazzilli, and Andrés Quincke

4R Plant Nutrition Manual PowerPoint Collection

New 4R Release …4R Plant Nutrition Manual eBook

Role of Nitrogen Fertilization in Sustaining Organic Matter in Cultivated Soils
Jagdish K. Ladha, C. Kesava Reddy, Agnes T. Padre, and Chris van Kessel

Study Guide for 2013 International Certified Crop Adviser Exam

The Effect of Reduced Tillage and Mineral Fertilizer Application on Maize and Soybean Productivity in Kenya
Job Kihara and Samuel Njoroge

Statement of Ownership, Management & Circulation

Potassium Nutrition for Small Grains Grown on Chestnut Soils
V.N. Bagrintseva and V.V. Nosov

Terry L. Roberts