Vol. LXXVIII (78), No. 4 Fall 1994

Vol. LXXVIII (78), No. 4 Fall 1994
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXVIII (78), No. 4 Fall 1994

Site-Specific Management Impacts P and K Use and Productivity
Paul E. Fixen

PPI Announces T.W. Bruulsema as Director for Eastern Canada and Northeast U.S.

Grid Soil Sampling (Wisconsin)
N.C. Wollenhaupt and R.P. Wolkowski

Costs Associated with Variable Rate Phosphorus and Potassium Applications (Wisconsin)
N.C. Wollenhaupt and R.P. Wolkowski

Soil Fertility Manual Videotapes Now Available

Nutrient Management with Intensive Soil Sampling and Differential Fertilizer Spreading
D.G. Bullock, R.G. Hoeft, Paul Dorman, Ted Macy and Ron Olson

Fun with the Plant Nutrient Team

Site-Specific Nutrient Management Systems for the 1990s
H.F. Reetz, Jr.

Field Scale Fertilizer Recommendations and Spatial Variability of Soil Test Values
R. Gary Kachanoski and Gordon L. Fairchild

Comparison of Phosphorus and Potassium Utilization with Conventional and Variable Fertility Management (Washington)
Max W. Hammond

Soil Test Level Variability in Southern Minnesota (Minnesota)
Tom McGraw

Fine-Tuning Sugar Beet Fertility Management in the Red River Valley (Minnesota-North Dakota)
Dave Hilde

Getting Specific with Soil Test Summaries
Bob Deutsch and John Lee

Environotes from TVA
John Culp

Preparing for the National CCA Exam Review Manual Available

Nutrient Management Conference Proceedings

Check Your Soil, Sir?
J. Fielding Reed