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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. XCIX (99) 2015, No. 2

Summer Conferences: 2015 InfoAg Conference; International Stewardship Symposium

A Look at the Nutrient Budget for Brazilian Agriculture
Eros Francisco, José Francisco da Cunha, Luís Prochnow, and Valter Casarin

Modern Soybean Varieties' Nutrient Uptake Patterns
Ross R. Bender, Jason W. Haegele and Fred E. Below

Role of Soil Productivity in Nutrient and Water Use in Zimbabwe
Natasha Kurwakumire, Regis Chikowo, Adrian Johnston, and Shamie Zingore

Changes in Soil Quality Indicators under Oil Palm Plantations Receiving Best Management Practices
By N. Pauli, C. Donough, T. Oberthür, J. Cock, R. Verdooren, Rahmadsyah, G. Abdurrohim, K. Indrasura, A. Lubis, T. Dolong, J.M. Pasuquin, and M. Fisher

Optimal Rates for Corn Nitrogen Depend More on Weather than Price
Bill Deen, Ken Janovicek, John Lauzon, and Tom Bruulsema

Nutrient Requirement for Natural Rubber
Debasis Mandal, Bhaskar Datta, Mrinal Chaudhury, and Sushil Kr Dey

4R Potassium Management Practices for Cotton in Northern China
Shutian Li, Yan Zhang, Rongzong Cui, and Suli Xing

Rob Norton