Vol. LXXIX (79) 1995, No. 4

Vol. LXXIX (79) 1995, No. 4
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXIX (79) 1995, No. 4

John U. Huber Elected Chairman, Charles O. Dunn Vice Chairman of PPI and FAR Boards of Directors

Robert E. Wagner Award Recipients Announced

Information Agriculture Conference Planned for July 30-August 1, 1996

Research Tracks Potassium Dissipation Patterns in Rice Production (Texas)
Garry N. McCauley

Potatoes and Potassium for Irrigated Southern Idaho Soils (Idaho)
Terry A. Tindall and Dale T. Westermann

North Central Soil Fertility Conference Proceedings Available

Potassium Deficiency and Plant Diseases Observed in Rice Fields (Arkansas)
N.A. Slaton, R.D. Cartwright and C.E. Wilson, Jr.

Annual Statement of Ownership

J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowships... A Heritage of Higher Learning

Adequate Soil Potassium Increases Nitrogen Use Efficiency by Corn (Ohio)
J. W. Johnson and H.F. Reetz

Foliar Applied Potassium Benefits Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley (California)
Bill L. Weir, Robert Miller and Bruce Roberts

Dr. N.R. Usherwood Receives SSSA Professional Service Award

Dr. James D. Beaton Elected Honorary Member of CFI

Potassium Nutrition of Processing Tomato (California)
T.K. Hartz

Potassium Responses in Northern Forages (Northeastern U.S./Eastern Canada)
Thomas W. Bruulsema and Jerry H. Cherney

Conversion Factors for Metric and U.S. Units

Potassium Improves Yield and Quality of Mulberry Leaves (China)
Fu Jianrong, Zhan Changgeng, Jiang Lina and Wu Zheng

International Soil Fertility Manual Now Available

Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilization on Sugarcane (Brazil)
J. Orlando Filho and A.A. Rodella

INPOFOS Ecuador Office Moves to New Location in Quito

Positive Potassium
J. Fielding Reed