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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCII (92) 2008, No. 2

Graduate Students Encouraged to Apply for IPNI Scholar Awards

9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture July 20-23, 2008

Starter Fertilizer for Delayed-Flood Rice – Agronomic Effects (North America)
Tim Walker, Rick Norman, Brian Ottis, and Jason Bond

Maximizing Irrigated Soybean Yields in the Great Plains (North America)
W.B. Gordon

Potassium Unlocks the Potential for Hybrid Rice (India)
S.K. Pattanayak, S.K. Mukhi, and K. Majumdar

Effect of Long-Term Fertilization on Wheat-Corn-Sweet Potato Rotation in the Sichuan Basin (Southwest China)
Wei Li, Guoxue Cai, Henglin Dai, and Shihua Tu

Recognizing Soybean Field Problems

A Global Framework for Fertilizer BMPs
T.W. Bruulsema, C. Witt, Fernando García, Shutian Li, T. Nagendra Rao, Fang Chen, and S. Ivanova

Nutrients and Hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico — An Update on Progress, 2008
C.S. Snyder

Phosphorus Management for Irrigated Potato Production in Manitoba (North America)
Ramona Mohr and Dale Tomasiewicz

Managing Potassium for Organic Crop Production
Robert Mikkelsen

Posters Feature Forage Legumes and Grasses/ i Southern Forages /i Book Now in Fourth Edition

Proceedings of the Symposium “Integrating Weather Variability into Nitrogen Recommendations”

Euripedes Malavolta, 1926-2008: Memoriam (Brazil)

Conversion Factors for U.S. System and Metric Units

The New Geography of Plant Nutrition
Harold F. Reetz, Jr.