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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCIII (93) 2009, No. 1

IPNI Science Award Goes to Dr. John Ryan of ICARDA

Effect of Balanced Fertilization on Rice Nutrient Uptake, Yield, and Profit (Liaoning, China)
YueHua Xing, Ren Wang, Wentao Sun, JingWen An, CongXiang Wang, HongJing Bao, Liang Gong, and Xiang Zhen Wang

Phosphorus Balance Trends on Agricultural Soils of the Lake Erie Drainage Basin (North America)
Laura Bast, Robert Mullen, Ivan O’Halloran, Darryl Warncke, and Tom Bruulsema

Winners Announced in IPNI 2008 Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest

Optimal Fertilization of Banana for High Yield, Quality, and Nutrient Use Efficiency (Guangdong, China)
Lixian Yao, Guoliang Li, Baomei Yang, and Shihua Tu

Yield Intensification in Oil Palm Plantations through Best Management Practice (Southeast Asia)
C.R. Donough, C. Witt, and T.H. Fairhurst

Oil Palm Forum Introduced by IPNI

Nitrogen Rate and Source Effects on Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Irrigated Cropping Systems in Colorado (North America)
Ardell D. Halvorson, Stephen J. Del Grosso, and Francesco Alluvione

Important Staff Changes for IPNI India Program

Potassium Uptake by Kiwi Orchards in Shaanxi (Northwest China)
Yan’an Tong, Wang Jian, and Ma Wenjuan

International Plant Nutrition Colloquium Set for August 2009

11th International Symposium on Soil and Plant Analysis July 2009

Ion Exchange Resin for Assessing Phosphorus Availability in Soils (Brazil)
Bernardo van Raij, H. Cantarella, J.A. Quaggio, and Luís Ignácio Prochnow

Improving Mid-Season Nitrogen Recommendations for Winter Wheat Using Soil Moisture Data (North America)
Olga Walsh, Yumiko Kanke, D.E. Edmonds, and W.R. Raun

Ammonia Emissions from Agricultural Operations: Livestock (North America)
Shabtai Bittman and Robert Mikkelsen

Conversion Factors for USA System and Metric Units

Plants Don’t Care about the Market Conditions