Vol. LXXIX (79) 1995, No. 2

Vol. LXXIX (79) 1995, No. 2
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXIX (79) 1995, No. 2

Information Agriculture Conference on Site-Specific Integrated Crop Management Systems Set for June 27-30

Crop Residue Removal and Fertilizer Effects on Crop Yield and Soil Sustainability (Kansas)
Keith A. Janssen and David A. Whitney

Chloride Suppresses Corn Stalk Rot (New Jersey)
Joseph R. Heckman

Soil Test Nitrogen and Phosphorus Variability in the Texas Southern High Plains (Texas)
M.G. Hickey and A.B. Onken

Phosphorus Fertilization Increases Annual Lespedeza Forage and Seed Yiefds (Missouri)
Robert L. McGraw and Richard E. Joost

North Central Soil Fertility Conference Proceedings Available

Managing Acid Soils for Optimum Wheat Production (Kansas)
Ray E. Lamond and David A. Whitney

No-till Grain Sorghum Responds to Starter Nitrogen-Phosphorus Combinations (Kansas)
W.B. Gordon and David A. Whitney

Fertilizer Scheduling Improves Yields and Quality, Plus Water and TNutrient Use Efficiency of Coastal Bermudagrass (Texas)
J.L. Sanders, J.N. Pratt, H.D. Pennington and D.H. Bade

Three Graduate Students Receive "J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowships"

Western Nutrient Management Conference Proceedings Available

Cotton Response to Foliar Application of Potassium Compounds at Different pH Levels (Arkansas)
M.A. Chang and D.M. Oosterhuis

Conversion Factors for Metric and U.S. Units

Consequences of Potassium Depletion under Intensive Cropping (India)
CR. Snnivasa Rao and M.S. Khera

Effects of Phosphorus Placement for Corn with and without Irrigation (Argentina)
Hugo Fontanetto and Nestor Darwich

Maximizing Yield of Boro Rice Through Integrated Nutrient Management (Bangladesh)
M.Q. Haque, M.I. Ali, G.K.M.M. Rahman, M.H. Rahman and A.K.M. Habibullah

Summaries Available on Potassium Workshop and Zonal Symposiums in India

Dr. Anand Swarup Receives 1994 PPIC-India Programme Award

Dr. G. Dev Elected President, Indian Society of Soil Science

The Invisible Three Percent
J. Fielding Reed