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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXIII (83) 1999, No. 4

William J. Doyle Elected Chairman, C. Steve Hoffman Vice Chairman of PPI and FAR Boards of Directors

Cotton Response to Sulfur on a Coastal Plain Soil (Alabama)
G.L. Mullins

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Applications Increase Yields and Profits from Irrigated Ryegrass in Southwest Texas (Texas)
Hagen Lippke

Phosphorus Fertilizer Recommendations for Rice (Arkansas)
C.E. Wilson, Jr., N.A. Slaton, S. Ntamatungiro, D.L. Frizzell, W.B. Koen, and R.J. Normas

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National Research Project to Identify Sources of Agricultural Phosphorus Loss
Andrew Sharpley, Tommy Daniel, Bob Wright, Peter Kleinman, Terry Sobecki, Roberta Parry, and Brad Joern

Site-Specific Management Guidelines Series Now Available

Long-Term Nitrogen Fertilizer Benefits Soil Carbon Sequestration (Great Plains)
A.D. Halvorson and C.A. Reule

World Population Reaches 6 Billion

Chloride Fertilization on Winter Wheat (Great Plains)
Ray Lamond, Vic Martin, Tom Maxwell, Robert Bowden, and Stewart Duncan

Effects of Potassium Fertilization on Soil Potassium Distribution and Balance in Pistachio Orchards (California)
David Qiupeng Zeng, Patrick H. Brown, and Brent A. Holtz

Annual Carbon Fluxes from No-Till Corn and Soybeans (Illinois) (Correction from previous issue of I Better Crops with Plant Food /I )
S.E. Hollinger and T.P. Meyers

Sulfur and Chloride Response in Oklahoma Winter Wheat (Oklahoma)
J.L. LaRuffa, G.V. Johnson, S.B. Phillips, and W.R. Raun

Good Sources of Potassium Abound in Foods

David W. Dibb Receives ASA Agronomic Industry Award

Richard Roberts Retiring at PPI after Nearly 32 Years of Service

B.C. Darst