Vol. XCVII (97) 2013, No. 2

Vol. XCVII (97) 2013, No. 2
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. XCVII (97) 2013, No. 2

UPCOMING CONFERENCE - Global TraPs World Conference

UPCOMING CONFERENCE - Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Crop and Livestock Production Systems

UPCOMING CONFERENCE - The 2013 InfoAg Conference

4R Potassium Management in Processing Tomato Production in Xinjiang
Shutian Li and Yan Zhang

IPNI Scholar Award Application Deadline is June 30

Soil and Fertilizer Sulfur
Robert Mikkelsen and Robert Norton

Sulfur for Plant Nutrition
Rob Norton, Robert Mikkelsen and Tom Jensen

Sulfur Management for Optimizing Oilseed and Pulse Production in Rain-fed Jharkhand
Surendra Singh and A.K. Sarkar

Nutrient Management for High Yield Cotton in Brazil
Eros Francisco and Haroldo Hoogerheide

Nitrogen Management for High Population Corn Production in Wide and Narrow Rows
Carl R. Crozier, Ronald J. Gehl, David H. Hardy and Ronnie W. Heiniger

The Efficiency of Potassium Fertilizer Use in Western Siberia
Vladimir N. Yakimenko and Vladimir V. Nosov

Opportunities for Research and Development in Oil Palm Fertilization to Support Sustainable Intensification
Thomas Oberthür, Christopher R. Donough, James Cock, Rahmadsyah, Gatot Abdurrohim, Kooseni Indrasuara, Ahmad Lubis and Tenri Dolong

The Magruder Plots: 120 years of Continuous Winter Wheat Research
Brian Arnall

What is "Sustainable" Anyway?
Robert Mikkelsen