Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 1

Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 1
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 1

Charles O. Dunn Elected Chairman, John M. Van Brunt Vice Chairman of PPI and FAR Boards of Directors

Cooperative Fertilizer Evaluation Program Seeks Appropriate Recommendations (Idaho)
Terry A. Tindall and Jeffrey C. Stark

Research Notes: Phosphorus Availability from Phosphate Rock as Enhanced by Water-Soluble Phosphorus (Alabama)

Cool Season Grasses Need Phosphorus (Kansas)
R.E. Lamond and K.C. Dhuyvetter

Annual Statement of Ownership

Phosphorus Benefits Grain Sorghum on Acid Soils (Kansas)
R.E. Lamond, A.J. Suderman, D.A. Whitney, S.R. Duncan and T.L. Wesley

Production Notes: Fescue Needs Phosphorus (Missouri)

Starter Fertilizer Boosts Yields of No-till Corn (Illinois)
R.G. Hoeft and K.B. Ritchie

Small Scale Variation in Soil Test Phosphorus and Bermudagrass (Oklahoma)
W.R. Raun, J.B. Solie, G.V. Johnson, M.L. Stone, R.W. Whitney, H.L. Lees, H. Sembiring, and S.L. Taylor

Soil Testing Methods Calibrated to Phosphate Fertilizer Trials (Alberta)
R.H. McKenzie and Len Kryzanowski

Foliar Potassium on Cotton - A Profitable Supplement to Broadcast Application on Low Testing Soils (Tennessee)
R.K. Roberts, D.C. Gerloff and D.D. Howard

Information Agriculture Conference Scheduled for August 6-8, 1997

Price Is the Key to Production
J. Fielding Reed