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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXX (80) 1996, No. 3

Is Precision Farming Good for Society?
Luther Tweeten

Dr. Paul E. Fixen Appointed PPI North American Program Coordinator

Corn Yield Response Variability and Potential Profitability of Site-Specific Nitrogen Management (Minnesota)
Gary L. Malzer

Maintenance + Buildup Nutrient Management for Site-Specific Systems (Midwest)
H.F. Reetz

Field Mapping of Soil Nutrient Supply Rates (Saskatchewan)
Jeff Schoenau and Ken Greer

Sampling for Site-Specific Farming: Topography and Nutrient Considerations (North Dakota)
D.W. Franzen, V.L. Hofman, A.D. Halvorson and LJ. Cihacek

Aerial Photography as an Aid in Soil Sampling (Nebraska)
Tracy M. Blackmer and James S. Schepers

Delta Yield: Mapping Fertilizer Nitrogen Requirement for Crops (Ontario)
R.G. Kachanoski, LP. O'Halloran, D. Aspinall and P. Von Bertoldi

Assessment of Rice Yield and Fertility Using Site-Specific Technologies (Arkansas)
W.H. Baker and S.D. Carroll

Use Caution in Interpreting Clusters of Similar Values in Soil Fertility Maps (Illinois)
Linda Anderson and Don Bullock

Grid Soil Testing and Variable-Rate Fertilization for Profitable Sugarbeet Production (Minnesota)
Larry J. Smith and Doug Rains

Computer Enhancement of Aerial Photographs (California)
Mike Porter

Global Positioning Systems and Electromagnetic Induction - High Tech Tools for Salinity Mapping (Alberta)
Colin McKenzie

High Soil Variability Leads to Under-Fertilization (Alberta)
Doug Penney, Tom Goddard and Terry L. Roberts

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The Information Age: Knowledge Is Power
J. Fielding Reed