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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXX (80) 1996, No. 4

Fertilizer Increases Corn Yield and Soil Organic Matter (Ontario)
E.G. Gregorich and C.F. Drury

Influence of Potash, Nitrogen and Genotype on Cotton Lint Yield and Quality (Mississippi)
W.T. Pettigrew, J J. Heitholt and W.R. Meredith, Jr.

Grassed Filter Strips Can Reduce Losses of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Runoff (Midsouth)
D.R. Edwards, P.A. Moore, Jr., and T.C. Daniel

PPI Announces T. Scott Murrell as Director for Northcentral Region

Potassium Fertigation of High Density Apple Orchards (Western Canada)
Denise Neilsen and Terry L. Roberts

Chloride Suppresses Corn Stalk Rot: Update (New Jersey)
J.R. Heckman and T.W. Bruulsema

Balanced Potassium Fertilization Fights Crop Disease

Potassium in the Soil: Is It There or Isn't It? Some New Findings that May Explain Its Behavior (Midwest)
Joseph W. Stucki

Great Plains Soil Fertility Leadership Award to John T. Harapiak

Effects of Row Spacing, Seeding Rate and Seed-placed Phosphorus on Wheat and Barley in the Canadian Prairies (Manitoba/Saskatchewan)
G.P. Lafond, D. Domitruk, K.L. Bailey and D.A. Derksen

Robert E. Wagner Award Nominations Due

Managing Soil pH and Making the Most of Aglime

Cropping Effects on Phosphorus Leaching in Clay Soils (Canada)
R.R. Simard, C.F. Drury and J. Lafond

Balanced Fertilizer Ensures Long-Term Timothy Productivity (Atlantic Canada)
Gilles Belanger and John E. Richards

Annual Ryegrass Yield Response and Returns to Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization (Louisiana)
D.L. Robinson and T.L. Eilers

Cover Crops, Soil Quality, and Ecosystems Conference Set for March 12-14, 1997

Mediocrity — Our Goal?
J. Fielding Reed