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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. C (100) 2016, No 4.

IPNI Scholar Award Recipients - 2016

Testing the Benefits of Balanced Nutrient Use and Crop Diversification on Soil Productivity and Health
Miles Dyck, Dick Puurveen, and Tom Jensen

Using Plant Physiology to Diagnose Nitrogen Deficiency in Wheat
Andreas Neuhaus, Marianne Hoogmoed, and Victor Sadras

Adapting Oil Palm Best Management Practices to Ghana: Opportunities for Production Intensification
T. Rhebergen, T. Fairhurst, S. Zingore, M. Fisher, T. Oberthür, and A. Whitbread

Nutrient Use Efficiency in Oil Palm Nurseries
Hendra Sugianto, Christopher Donough, Rahmadsyah, Chin-Huat Lim, and Thomas Oberthür

Controlled-Release Urea in Banana Production in Southern China
Hongwei Tan, Liuqiang Zhou, Yan Zeng, Huiping Ou, Jinsheng Huang, Xiaojun Zhu, and Shihua Tu

Diagnosis of the Nutritional Status of Rainfed Olive Orchards
Ajmi Larbi, Mahdi Fendri, Hakim Boulal, Mohamed El Gharous, and Monji Msallem

The Interaction Between Plant Nutrition and Disease: Focus on Verticillium
Brad Geary and Doug Jacobson

IPNI Appoints Potassium Program Director

Increasing Beef Production with Improved Soil Nutrient Use: Brazil's Challenge
Eros Francisco

The Overlooked Plant Nutrient?
Robert L. Mikkelsen