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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXVI (86) 2002 No. 2

Introduction to Inorganic and Organic Nutrients
David W. Dibb

Inorganic Nutrient Use
W. M. Stewart, T. L. Roberts

Inorganic Phosphorus and Potassium Production and Reserves
T. L. Roberts, W. M. Stewart

Organic Nutrients
A. E. Ludwick, A. M. Johnston

Economics of Nutrient Systems and Sources
H. F. Reetz, Jr., G. D. Schnitkey

Crop Nutritional Needs
A. M. Johnston, N. R. Usherwood

Nutrients and Environmental Quality
C. S. Snyder, T. W. Bruulsema

Nutrients and Product Quality
T. W. Bruulsema

Nutrient Budgets in North America
P. E. Fixen, A. M. Johnston

InfoAg 2003 Planned

Plant Nutrient Use in North American Agriculture Technical Bulletin and CD-ROM Available

B. C. Darst