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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCI (91) 2007, No. 3

Does Potassium or Chloride Play a Dominant Role in Suppression of Corn Stalk Rot? (China)
Ji-yun Jin, Xiaoyan Liu, and Ping He

Steven B. Phillips Joins Staff of IPNI as Southeast Region Director

Biuret in Urea Fertilizers (North America)
R.L. Mikkelsen

Liming Indexes for Soybean in Established No-Till Systems (Brazil)
Antonio Nolla and Ibanor Anghinoni

IPNI Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest – 2007

Direct and Residual Effects of Balanced Fertilization in Field Crops of the Pampas (Argentina)
Fernando García, Miguel Boxler, Jorge Minteguiaga, Ricardo Pozzi, Luis Firpo, German Deza Marin, and Angel Berardo

International Plant Nutrition Institute Announces the “IPNI Science Award“

Scholar Award Recipients Named by International Plant Nutrition Institute

Rice: A Practical Guide to Nutrient Management Revised Edition Available for Sale and Download

Global Warming Potential of High-Yielding Continuous Corn and Corn-Soybean Systems
A. Dobermann, D.T. Walters, and M.A.A. Adviento-Borbe

The Delta Yield Concept: An Update (North America)
T.S. Murrell

Maximizing Yield, Nutrient Use Effi ciency, and Profi t in Black Gram (India)
B.R. Gupta, Rakesh Tiwari, T.P. Tiwari, and K.N. Tiwari

Investigation of Soil Fertility in Citrus Orchards of Southern China (Southeast China)
Fang Chen, Jianwei Lu, and Dongbi Liu

Nickel – from Toxic to Essential Nutrient (Brazil)
E. Malavolta and M.F. Moraes

Spatially Variable Soil Fertility in Intensive Cropping Areas of North Vietnam and Its Implications for Fertilizer Needs (Southeast Asia)
C. Witt, B.T. Yen, V.M. Quyet, T.M. Thu, J.M. Pasuquin, R.J. Buresh, and A. Dobermann

Fertilizer Is Not a Dirty Word