Vol. LXXV (75), No. 3 Summer 1991

Vol. LXXV (75), No. 3 Summer 1991
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXV (75), No. 3 Summer 1991

Our Cover: Wheat with 60 lb/A of P205 band-applied showed dramatic response compared to plots with no P205 applied. Oklahoma State University research at Carrier, OK.
Photo by Dr. Larry S. Murphy.

Photo by Dr. Larry S. Murphy.
Ernest Shea

Irrigated Corn: Developing a Profitable Production System with Best Management Practices
John R. Anderson

Cotton Yield and Fiber Quality Improved with Potash (California)
Bruce A. Roberts

Manganese Deficiency in Alfalfa
Joseph R. Heckman

Research Notes: Effects of Sulphur Rates and Sources on Bromegrass (Kansas)

Fertilization Promotes Soil Organic Matter
H. Henry Janzen

Phosphorus and Potassium Uptake by Cotton (Alabama)
G.L. Mullins and C.H. Burmester

Five Graduate Students Receive "J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowships"

Characteristics of Phosphate-Deficient Soybeans
Dale G. Blevins

Research Notes: Potassium Fertilizer and Potato Leafhopper Effects on Alfalfa Growth (Missouri)

Phosphorus: An Alternative to Liming Acid Wheatland Soils
Randal K. Boman, Robert L. Westerman and Gordon V. Johnson

Research Notes: Potassium Nutrition Effects on Lint Yield and Fiber Quality of Acala Cotton (California)

The Time Is Right for MEY
Ron Olson

Beef Up Wheat Pastures with Phosphorus
J. Larry Sanders, Robert L. Westerman and Arthur B. Onken

Optimum Phosphorus Management for Small Grain Production
Paul E. Fixen and Ardell D. Halvorson

Suspension Fertilizer Placement for Conservation Tillage Grain Sorghum
Daniel W. Sweeney

My Son Is A Successful Farmer
J, Fielding Reed