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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCII (92) 2008, No. 4

Vladimir Nosov Joins Staff of IPNI as Regional Director, Southern and Eastern Russia

T. Satyanarayana Joins Staff of IPNI as Deputy Director, India Program-South Zone and Sri Lanka

2008 Scholar Award Recipients Named by International Plant Nutrition Institute

Fertilizing Irrigated Cotton for High Yield and High Nitrogen Use Effi ciency (Northeast China)
Yan Zhang, Wei Hu, Yuan Gao, Yinkun Yao, Mingyao Tang, and Guozhi Hu

New Methods for Managing Midseason Nitrogen in Rice (North America)
Gene Stevens and David Dunn

Prediction of Available Soil Phosphorus Increases after Fertilization in Mollisols (Argentina)
Gerardo Rubio, Maria J. Cabello, Flavio H. Gutiérrez Boem, and Eugenia Munaro

Response of Rainfed Rice to Soil Test-Based Nutrient Application in Terai Alluvial Soils (Northern West Bengal, India)
D. Mukhopadhyay, K. Majumdar, R. Pati, and M.K. Mandal

Nitrogen Sources for Organic Crop Production
Robert Mikkelsen and T.K. Hartz

Nitrogen Use Effi ciency of Cotton Varies with Irrigation System (North America)
Kevin F. Bronson

Crop Nutrient Defi ciency Photo Contest Entries Due

Preparing for the 2009 International Certifi ed Crop Adviser Exam—Study Guide Available from IPNI

IPNI Staff Members Honored at ASA/CSSA/SSSA Annual Meetings

Nitrogen Fertilization of Winter Wheat—Alternative Sources and Methods (North America)
Ross H. McKenzie, Allan B. Middleton, Eric Bremer, and Tom Jensen

Site-Specifi c Nutrient Management Performance Evaluation in a Rice-Wheat Cropping System (Northwest India)
H.S. Khurana, Bijay-Singh, A. Dobermann, S.B. Phillips, A.S. Sidhu, and Yadvinder-Singh

Optimizing Yield and Benefi t in Doublecropped Wheat-Maize Rotations (Northcentral China)
Ping He, Shutian Li, and Ji-yun Jin

Managing Plant Nutrients for World Food Needs
Tom W. Bruulsema