Vol.LXXV(75),No.4 Fall 1991

Vol.LXXV(75),No.4 Fall 1991
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol.LXXV(75),No.4 Fall 1991

Our Cover: Research by Washington State University is investigating the effects of potassium nutrition on apple color and quality.
Photo by Dr. Larry Murphy.

New Book Covers Southern Forages

Residual Effects of Potash in an Alfalfa-Cor Rotation (Minnesota)
M.A. Schmitt, M.R Russelle and C.C. Sheaffer

Cotton Accumulates Small Amounts of Copper Iron, Manganese, and Zinc
G.L. Mullins and C.H. Burmester

Boron and Molybdenum—Critical Plant Levels 8 in Forage Legumes (Canada)
Umesh C. Gupta

How Much Boron Do Flowers Need?
Eric Hanson

Comparative Effects of Nitrogen Sources on Soil Chemical and Physical Characteristics
David Whitney, Loyd Stone, Keith Janssen and Jim Long

Boron-Lime Interactions on Clovers
V.A. Haby, R.H. Loeppertand R. Villavicencio

Research Notes: Evaluation of Starter Fertilizers for Grain Sorghum Production

The U.S. Nutrient Budget Is in the Red
G.W. Wallingford

Research Notes: Nitrogen and Irrigation Man- agement Practices to Minimize Nitrate Leaching from Irrigated Corn (Nebraska)

Sulphur Can Increase Yields, Quality, and Profits from Cool Season Grasses (Kansas)
R.E. Lamond and D.A. Whitne

Research Notes: Cotton Response to Starter Fertilizer Placement and Planting Dates

Sulphur Fertilization Improves Bahiagrass Pastures (Florida)
Jack E. Rechcigl

Institute Announces New Book: Sugarcane Nutrition

Fertilization of Warm Season Turfgrass
Noble R. Usherwood

Research Notes: Management Practices for Subirrigated Meadows (Nebraska)

Dr. William K. Griffith Receives ASA Industrial Agronomist Award

Dr. B.C. Darst Honored as Fellow of American Society of Agronomy

Dr. A.E. Ludwick Honored as Fellow of American Society of Agronomy.

In Memory of Dr. Niven D. Morgan, Sr.

Dr. Dale R. Hicks Receives 1991 Robert E. Wagner Award for Efficient Agriculture

The Food Watch Pledge

Who's Going to Tell It?
J. Fielding Reed