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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XCII (92) 2008, No. 1

IPNI Science Award Goes to Dr. M.S. Aulakh of India

Measuring Nutrient Accumulation Rates of Potatoes — Tools for Better Management (North America)
Don Horneck and Carl Rosen

IPNI Staff Honored with Awards at 2007 ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meetings

Characterizing the Response of Rainfed Rapeseed to Fertilizer Application (Inner Mongolia)
Yu Duan, Debao Tuo, Peiyi Zhao, and Huanchun Li

Nitrogen and Sulfur Fertilization for Improved Bread Quality in Humid Environments (North America)
W.E. Thomason, C.A. Griffey, and S.B. Phillips

Meeting the Phosphorus Requirement on Organic Farms (North America)
Nathan Nelson and Robert Mikkelsen

Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest Results Announced by IPNI

Determining Mid-Season Nitrogen Rates with Ramp Calibration Strip Technology (North America)
D.E. Edmonds, M.C. Daft, W.R. Raun, J.B. Solie, and R.K. Taylor

Balancing Fertilizer Use and Profit in Asia’s Irrigated Rice Systems (Southeast Asia)
R.J. Buresh and C. Witt

Balancing Sulfur and Magnesium Nutrition for Turmeric and Carrot Grown on Red Lateritic Soil (East Zone India)
P. Bose, D. Sanyal, and K. Majumdar

Posters Feature Forage Legumes and Grasses/Southern Forages Book Now in Fourth Edition

Implications of Asian Soybean Rust in Nutrient Management — Research Update
P.E. Fixen, R.W. Schneider, D.L. Wright, A.P. Mallarino, K.A. Nelson, S.A. Ebelhar, and N.A. Slaton

Recognizing Soybean Field Problems

Ernst Walter Mutert, 1940-2007: Memoriam

9th International Conference on Precision Agriculture July 20-23, 2008/InfoAg 2009 July 14-16, 2009

Better Crops with Plant Food in a New Era
Don Armstrong