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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. XCIX (99) 2015, No. 4

IPNI Scholar Award Recipients - 2015

4R Practices for Efficient Phosphorus Management in Western Kenya
Samuel Njoroge and Shamie Zingore

Phosphorus Management for Potatoes
Robert Mikkelsen

Faba Bean Fertilization in Morocco
K. Daoui, M. Karrou, R. Mrabet, Z. Fatemi, and K. Oufdou

Warm-Season Grass Responses to Potassium and Phosphorus Fertilization
Maria L. Silveira

4R Nutrient Management for Banana in China
Lixian Yao, Guoliang Li and Shihua Tu

Phosphorus Requirements for Cereals: What Role Does Crop Rotation Play?
Andreas Neuhaus, James Easton and Charlie Walker

Residual Potassium Effects on Corn under No-Tillage
Frank Yin and Guisu Zhou

Nutrient Management in Spring Rapeseed-based Systems in the Southern Ural Region
G.B. Kirillova and G.M. Yusupova

The Fertility of North American Soils: A Preliminary Look at 2015 Results
T.S. Murrell, P.E. Fixen, T.W. Bruulsema, T.L. Jensen, R.L. Mikkelsen, S.B. Phillips, and W.M. Stewart

Robert L. Mikkelsen