Vol. LXXVIII (78), No. 1. Winter 1993-94

Vol. LXXVIII (78), No. 1. Winter 1993-94
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXVIII (78), No. 1. Winter 1993-94

P and K Fertilization for Corn and Soybeans in 1994
L.S. Murphy and B.C. Darst

Copper Deficiency in Prairie Soils (Alberta)
E.D. Solberg, D.C. Penney, I.R. Evans and D.C. Maurice

Wheat Diseases and Copper Nutrition (Alberta)
I.R. Evans, D.C. Maurice, D.C. Penney and E.D. Solberg

Nutrient Management Conference Announced for May 16-18, 1994

Starter Fertilizer Can Improve Growth and Yield of Cotton (Louisiana)
John L. Kovar, Eddie R. Funderburg and Robert L. Hutchinson

Hot Days... Cool Cows: Potassium Helps Make the Difference
R.L. Preston, J.N. Pratt, J. Cates and J.L. Sanders

Proceedings of North Central Extension- Industry Soil Fertility Conference Available

Phosphorus and Magnesium Reduce Grass Tetany Potential (Missouri)
D.G. Blevins and J.L. Sanders

Assessing Phosphorus Buildup in Crop Acreage- The Upper Vermilion Watershed Project (Ohio)
B.W. Ward

Liming and Southern Crops: A Working Partnership
W.R. Thompson and N.R. Usherwood

Dr. W.K. Griffith Retires as PPI Eastern U.S. Program Director

Dr. J.D. Beaton Retires, Dr. M.D. Stauffer Elected Vice President for PPI International Programs

Take-all Root Rot in Winter Wheat (Oregon)
John M. Hart and Neil W. Christensen

Soil Fertility Manual Videotapes Now Available

1993 Southern Soil Fertility Conference Proceedings Available

Potassium Interactions and Balanced Plant Nutrition
N.R. Usherwood

Profit Protection Ideas: Batch Applications of Phosphorus Can Boost Wheat Profits

Environotes from TVA
John E. Culp

Did You Return A Response Card?

Dr. B.C. Darst Elected as Fellow of SSSA

Dr. H.F. Reetz Honored as Fellow of ASA

Is Your Underwear Safe?
J. Fielding Reed