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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

XC (90) 2006, No. 3

Winners of Robert E. Wagner Award for 2006

J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowships Awarded To Four Graduate Students

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Phosphorus Fertilization of Annual Ryegrass
T.J. Butler, J.P. Muir, T. Provin, and W.M. Stewart

Up in Smoke - Nutrient Loss with Straw Burning
John Heard, Curtis Cavers, and Greg Adrian

Forest Fertilization in Southern Pine Plantations
T.R. Fox, H.L. Allen, T.J. Albaugh, R. Rubilar, and C.A. Carlson

Long-Term Effects of Treating Poultry Litter with Alum on Phosphorus Availability in Soils
P.A. Moore, Jr. and D.R. Edwards

Balancing Potassium, Sulfur, and Magnesium for Tomato and Chili Grown on Red Lateritic Soil
P. Bose, D. Sanyal, and K. Majumdar

Potassium Budgets in Rice Cropping Systems with Annual Flooding in the Mekong River Delta
Nguyen My Hoa, B.H. Janssen, O. Oenema, and A. Dobermann

Improvement of Soil Nutrient Management via Information Technology
Hongting Wang, Ji-yun Jin, and Bin Wang

Site-Specific Nutrient Management for Maximization of Crop Yields in Northern Karnataka
D.P. Biradar, Y.R. Aladakatti, T.N. Rao, and K.N. Tiwari

Integrating Cash Crop Hedgerows and Balanced Fertilization to Control Soil and Water Losses from Sloping Farmlands
Shihua Tu, Yibing Chen, Qing Zhu, Yunzhou Guo, Zhonglin Zhu, and Ling Xie

Water Quality In Your Own Backyard - Do You Know What It Is?
Cliff Snyder