Vol. LXXV (75), No. 2 Spring 1991

Vol. LXXV (75), No. 2 Spring 1991
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXV (75), No. 2 Spring 1991

Our Cover: Clear water flows from a farm pump near Coolidge, Kansas.
Photo by Dr. Larry S. Murphy

America's Farmers and Ranchers: Partners with the Environment
Ernest Shea

Point Sources vs. Nonpoint Sources of Groundwater Contamination
Richard S. Fawcett

Fertilizer Nitrates Not Causing Problems in North Carolina Groundwater
J.W. Gilliam

Organically Grown Foods Are Not Without Risks

Production Agriculture Featured in New Video from PPI/FAR

Intermountain Meadow Symposium Scheduled July 1-3 in Colorado

Changes in Nutrient Content of Kentucky Streams
G.W. Thomas, K.L. Wells, and G.R. Haszler

Conventional Nitrogen Rates for High-Yielding Corn Not Likely to Affect Groundwater Quality

Sustainable Soil and Nutrient Management (Great Plains)
P.E. Fixen

Food Safety—The Issue in the Future
Philip T. Tybor

Application of Potassium to Tart Cherries through Drip Irrigation (Montana)
Nancy W. Callan and Mai Westcott

Research Notes: Potassium Fertiliza- tion Increases Nitrogen Utilization by Coastal Bermudagrass (Louisiana)

Research Notes: Evaluating the Need for Spring Nitrogen Fertilization on Hard Red Winter Wheat (Colorado)

Soil Sampling: Guidelines for Band-Applied Phosphorus
D.G. Westfall, N.R. Kitchen, and J.L. Havlin

Legumes in Cereal-Based Rotations: Influence on Profitability and Soil Quality (Saskatchewan)
C.A. Campbell, R.P. Zentner, and G.P. Lafond

Information Materials from PPI

A Concerned Industry
J. Fielding Reed