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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXIV (89) 2005, No. 1

W.J. Doyle Elected Chairman, F.W. Corrigan Vice Chairman of PPI Board

Terry L. Roberts Named Senior Vice President as Mark D. Stauffer Retires from PPI/PPIC

Fertilization for Cotton-Sorghum Rotations vs. Continuous Cotton
J.D. Booker, K.F. Bronson, W.J. Keeling, and C.L. Trostle

Broadcast and Deep Band Placement of Phosphorus for Soybeans Managed with Ridge Tillage
A.P. Mallarino and R. Borges

Management of High Yielding Canola Culitvars
S. Brandt, D. Ulrich, G. Lafond, R. Kutcher, S. Malhi, and A. Johnston

Soil Fertility and Fertilizers. Seventh Edition of Book Now Available

Rice Potassium Nutrition Research Progress
David Dunn and Gene Stevens

Differences in Potassium Requirement and Response by Older and Modern Cotton Varieties
J.J. Camberato and M.A. Jones

Introducing: Be Your Own Cotton Doctor

What Is Sustainable Agriculture and How Do We Do It?
Craig Kallsen

Nutrient Exclusivity in Organic Farming. Does It Offer Advantages?
H. Kirchmann and M.H. Ryan

Soil Testing: A Proven Diagnostic Tool
Sam Portch and Mark D. Stauffer

Fertilizers to Sustain Production of 100 Million Metric Tons of Grain
F.O. García, G. Oliverio, F. Segovia, and G. López

New Leaf Color Chart for Effective Nitrogen Management in Rice
C. Witt, J.M.C.A. Pasuquin, R. Mutters, and R.J. Bu

B.C. Darst