Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 2

Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 2
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 2

Balanced Fertility Management: A Key to Nutrient Use Efficiency (Ohio)
J.W. Johnson, T.S. Murrell and H.F. Reetz, Jr.

A Closer Look at Phosphorus Stratification in Soils (Texas)
C.G. Coffman

I Research Notes /I : Canola Root Rot and Yield Response to Liming and Tillage (Alberta)

Information Agriculture Conference

Potassium Deficiency in Cotton Linked to Leafspot Disease (Georgia)
Glen Harris

Irrigation with Balanced Fertilization Increases Corn Yields (Virginia)
N.L. Powell

I Research Notes /I : Effect on Phosphorus Soil Test Level on Sorghum-Sudangrass Response to Phosphorus Fertilizer (Montana)

Low Phosphorus Soils Cause Major Problems with Forage and Livestock Production (Missouri)
Tim Reinbott, Richard Mattas and Dale Blevins

J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowships Awarded to Six Graduate Students

Fertilizer Management in Direct Seeding Systems (Canadian Prairies)
T.L. Roberts and J.T. Harapiak

Timing and Rates of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for Top Yields of Quality Bermudagrass (Georgia)
W.I. Segars and N.R. Usherwood

Variability of Phosphorus Over Landscapes and Dryland Winter Wheat Yields (Colorado)
R.A. Ortega, D.G. Westfall and G.A. Peterson

E.T. York Honored as "Great Floridian"

Soil Fertility Affects Establishment and Persistence of Red Clover in Grazed Pastures (Missouri)
Jim Gerrish

Aglime Facts Booklet Now Available

Robert E. Wagner Award Recipients Announced

J. Fielding Reed