Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 4

Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 4
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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

Vol. LXXXI (81) 1997, No. 4

Yield Response of Old and New Corn Hybrids to Nitrogen (Ontario)
M. Tollenaar, S.P. Nissanka, I. Rajcan and T.W. Bruulsema

Using Electromagnetic Induction to Characterize Soils (Missouri)
J. Glenn Davis, Newell R. Kitchen, Kenneth A. Sudduth and Scott T. Drummond

A Special Banding Technique Increases Effectiveness of Phosphorus Fertilizer on Alfalfa (Alberta)
S.S. Malhi

Research Notes: Residue and Fertility Effects on Yield of No-Till Wheat (Oregon)

Climate Change and Crop Nutrients (Planet Earth)
T.W. Bruulsema and W.K. Griffith

Sensing Nitrogen Deficiencies in Winter Wheat and Bermudagrass (Oklahoma)
M.L. Stone, W.R. Raun, G.V. Johnson, J.B. Solie, R.W. Whitney, H. Sembiring, J.M. LaRuffa, and E.V. Lukina

Soil and Foliar Potassium Effects on Alternaria Leaf Spot Disease in Cotton (Tennessee)
D.D. Howard, M.A. Newman and A.Y. Chambers

On-the-Go Grain Protein Sensing Is Near - Does It Have a Future in Precision Nitrogen Management for Wheat? (Montana)
Richard Engel, Dan Long and Gregg Carlson