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Better Crops With Plant Food

A Publication of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI)

LXXXIII (83) 1999, No. 2

Information Agriculture Conference Set for August 9-11, 1999

Can Topsoil Thickness Help Determine Crop Phosphorus and Potassium Nutrient Needs? (Missouri)
N.R. Kitchen, R.E. Spautz, and K.A. Sudduth

Tomato Yield Variability Related to Soil Texture and Inadequate Phosphorus Supply (California)
G.S. Pettygrove, S.K. Upadhyaya, J.A. Young, E.M. Miyao, and M.C. Pelletier

Potassium and Phosphorus Nutrition of Alfalfa: Preliminary Look at Impact on Yield Components and Root Physiology (Indiana)
W.K. Berg, J.J. Volenec, B.C. Joern, K.D. Johnson, and S.M. Brouder

Best Management Practices to Minimize Phosphorus Runoff Losses from Cropland (Kansas)
K.A. Janssen, G.M. Pierzynski, P.L. Barnes, and R.G. Meyers

Research Notes: Phytotoxicity of Banded Urea Amended with Triple Superphosphate and Potassium Chloride (Quebec)

Robert E. Wagner Award Recipients Announced

"J. Fielding Reed PPI Fellowships" Awarded to Four Graduate Students

Water-Solubility of Zinc Fertilizer: Does It Matter? (Colorado)
D.G. Westfall, M. Amrani, and G.A. Peterson

Soil Fertility and Fertilizers - Sixth Edition of Book Now Available

Starter Fertilizers Containing Potassium for Ridge-till Corn and Soybean Production (Kansas)
W.B. Gordon

In-Season Prediction of Yield Potential in Winter Wheat (Oklahoma)
W.R. Raun, G.V. Johnson, M.L. Stone, J.B. Solie, W.E. Thomason, E.V. Lukina

Research Notes: Nickel - A Micronutrient Essential for Higher Plants (California)

Potassium Requirements for Maximum Yield and Quality of Processing Tomato (California)
T.K. Hartz

Why Plants Need Phosphorus (Missouri)
D.G. Blevins

Educating the Next Generation

Research Notes: Foliar Feeding of Cotton - Evaluating Potassium Sources, Potassium Solution Buffering, and Boron ( Tennessee)

Dr. J. Fielding Reed